Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Five hours of Pandora and still going...

So, it is 11:55pm and I am still up editing pictures. I have been here since 4:30pm... ('tis the season!) I think I have been listening to Pandora for about five hours now??? (Love it!)

I just wanted to share my gratitude to everyone who has contacted me or left comments over the last week. You cannot know how much that means. Just to know that my work was well received, or that families are happy to see how beautiful they are when they are playing, laughing - and well, even throwing mud in mom's face (instead of leaves... that happened in more than one shoot this weekend.... oops!) You guys are the ones that keep us ticking. September-December is totally insane for us here - and we appreciate the thanks and comments more than you guys will ever know!

I am amazed at our growth this year. We used to keep paper folders of everything, but we quickly found that paper was just not going to cut it. We are now working with a computerized studio managment system so everything from session booking to picking up orders can be carefully tracked. In addition, we added a dedicated office manager to assist when I am away and a new dedicated phone line. (I think most of you know Laura better than you know me, right??!) It's really exciting - but really fast! Wow!

I guess I just felt an overwhelming need to say thanks. Even the smallest comment means so much - especially this month. THANK YOU!


Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Valade Family

Sometimes you get the perfect clients, and the perfect mood, and the perfect setting. And when that occurs, I swear a little bit of magic happens and the most beautiful pictures can be created. This happened on Saturday over fish, turtles, and leaves.

This little boy was so excited about looking for fish and turtles in the pond. That, mixed with his and his parents willingnessto play in the leaves made for one of those shoots. These shoots are the ones where you know you are capturing genuine expressions that will be cherished by the family for years to come.

Anyway, here are my favorites from the shoot... Enjoy!


His reaction to getting pummeled with leaves! ;)

The Hsu Family

Later on Saturday I was visited by the Hsu family....all of them! One of the members of the Hsu family, Angie, is married to my brother. So, needless to say, I know the Hsu family well.

Actually, Vic (the guy in the last picture) was the person that helped me buy my first digital SLR and taught me a great deal about cameras. He's also the one that I worked with to shoot my very first wedding. (Which we shot on Auto/Aperture priority TTL... hee hee... a definite no-no for pros because of all the post editing work. I think I spent about three weeks editing that wedding. It took forever...) We have learned a lot since that first wedding!

The original shoot was supposed to be for Angie's sister-in-law who had come in from California, but it kind of morphed into something bigger. Hence the reason there is a lot of focus on the little girl and her parents. Here are some of my favorites from the shoot... Enjoy!


The Knoeller Family

About 9:30 yesterday, I left my house prepared for torrential downpours and frigid weather. I had four hours of shooting on location, and it was cold outside!

It wound up that the local weather forecasters were wrong about getting rain on Saturday. (Is it me or does it seem like we live in an area where they can't ever predict the weather?... hmmmn... well, we won't go there I guess.) Anyway, they were right about it being cold and windy. As most of you know, I love wind. It allows me to do a lot more with the pictures.

Anyway, at 10:00 I was met by the Knoeller family. We went on a short hike and shot pictures at a bunch of different locations. Staying active for key so we didn't freeze! The family was great about the cold weather, and we wound up getting some really great shots.

Here are some of my favorites from the session... Enjoy!


The Tucciarone Family

On Saturday morning, I was visited by this wonderful family. The two boys were super cute, and just by studying their expressions, you could definitely tell they were two peas in a pod!

Mom and Dad were great and agreed to be part of the shoot, despite the fact that it was at 8am. (Thanks for getting up so early guys!)

Here are some of my favorites from the shoot... Enjoy!


Look at their eyes... they look identical! I love it! :)

I love this little guy's eyes!

The Nelson Family

On Wednesday, I met up with the Nelson family for a family session. I had a bad cold, and going to the shoot was tough, but skipping wasn't an option, so game on!

Fortunately, the family was very easy going and laid back. (I think a higher maintenance family might have killed me that night!) The oldest boy was great. He kept on making this "Gggrrrrr, roar!" sound and then he would giggle. It was really funny.

Here are some of my favorites from the shoot.



The Say Family

Last Sunday, I worked with a family that I know well. Mom is a very dear friend of mine... I have lots of stuff to post tonight, so I am going to be brief on most of the posts tonight. (My apologies, but the holiday photo season is in full effect and we are buried!)

Here are my favorites....Enjoy!


Having a discussion with Dad...

I love this expression!

The newest member of the family...

Winner of the Silent Auction!

I would like to thank everyone for participating in the charity event. We had lots more participation in the online silent auction than expected. (People were still bidding this morning!)The winner of the Silent Auction is the papa of this little man...

Congratulations Dan!

Thank you to everyone for helping us raise money for cancer - we raised about $1,000! We usually pick a different charitable organization every year. If any of you have a favorite charity, please drop us a note about them. We will be happy to make donations for their silent auctions and will consider them for next year's event.

Happy Sunday (Go BILLS!!!!!)



Sunday, October 19, 2008

Silent Auction (Great Stuff for a Great Cause!)

As many of you know, this week we have been teaming up with local small businesses to raise money for the American Cancer Society. Well, we have one additional 'event' left, and we are opening it up to everyone for one week.

For one week, today through next Sunday at noon, we will be conducting a silent auction for a great package full of goodies! The package includes: A haircut by the exclusive FIGO salon in downtown Birmingham, six bottles of wine from SIMPLY WINE in Birmingham, and a 2009 session with Beth Merritt (me) and $500 in complimentary photographs.

So, what is better than spa treatment, wine and great photographs? We think it's a pretty great package!!

Want to know more about these companies?

Rated Best of HOUR Detroit. Click on the image above to reach the website, and check out this review about FIGO.

Click on the image above to reach the website, and check out this review about Simply Wine.

And, of course...

(Which, since you are already here, I will assume you know something about...!)


Q: How do I place a bid?
A: Send an e-mail with your name, phone number and your bid to Laura (laura@bethmerritt.com). Laura will keep the bids private and on Sunday I will announce the winner!
Good luck and happy bidding!


Courtney and Jason (Engaged!)

As many of you know, in 2008 I took very few weddings before officially cutting them off. However, when I met Courtney and Jason, I totally meshed with them. They are laid back and a ton of fun! These are the kind of people that you know you will be friends with long after the wedding is done. I am really excited to shoot their wedding next year.

On Thursday night we did an engagement shoot in Birmingham, and Tristan and I were able to do some really fun stuff with lighting.

Here are some of my favorites from the shoot...