Monday, November 17, 2008


I have to be honest... days are lonnnngggg right now. It's crunch time here. So, as you guys know, that means lots of Pandora for me!

I just had to let you guys know about a new great find... Pandora + Debbie Gibson. Seriously,... are you in a bad mood? Need that extra 'oomph' to get you through your day? Pull up Pandora and type in Debbie Gibson. HILARIOUS.

I have just been listening to Paula Abdul, some serious Pat Benatar, and of course my favorite for a good giggle - Tiffany!

So funny!



Monday, November 10, 2008

Three Little Ladies!

I think you all know this, but I absolutely love infant shoots. Yes, they take forever, but there is something about those tiny little hands against mom or an older sibling that is just awesome.

I recently had a session with three sisters, and they were a lot of fun. I remember the girls fondly from one of my earlier sessions this year (so cute!)

Here are some of my favorites from the session...


Sunday, November 9, 2008

The McCarthy Family

Last night I was visited by some old friends of mine from college. Joe (Dad) and I had many engineering classes together, and I fondly remember struggling through Calc III with him. We survived, despite the nutty professor.

He and his wife (who I have also known forever) now have two kids, and they are adorable!

Here are some of my favorites from our session...



Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Black Family

My last appointment on Saturday was the Black Family. They have a toddler and a new little girl. The oldest girl was a riot. The two of us played catch for most of the shoot. ;)

Here are my favorites from our session. (I love the one with dad!)

Isn't she gorgeous??

The Joy of Children's Photography

I often get comments about how folks are amazed that I can do seven shoots in one day from babies to huge families, and it doesn't bother me. Yes folks, I actually enjoy it! (You should see the looks I get from dads when they think about repeating their somewhat traumatic photo experience over seven times. It's funny.) And yes, sometimes we get tears in the studio. But we are trained to know what to do when that happens - and we have ways of getting the tears to stop to get what we need during the shoot.

The funniest studio session I ever had was last Saturday. We were pushing the kids to the limits (they had been shooting for over 45 minutes) but we decided to try for one more picture with the grandparents and grandchildren. This is how it went:

My personal favorite is the two girls in the lower right corner who are consoling each other and putting their hands over their ears to block out the screaming. At this point, all the parents in the studio were just rolling with laughter. It was so awful it was funny.

But we did get other great shots from the day - just not any at the end! ;)

This little boy found my glasses... so funny.

Blog update: So I have had three people ask me if those were my real glasses. Actually, I am legally blind without my contacts - but no, those are not my real glasses! These are glasses that I got as a prop for silly pictures. (I think it's hilarious that folks thought these were my real glasses!! If I showed up wearing those glasses to a shoot, would you guys let me take your pictures?? ha ha - probably not!)

The Gates' Girls

On Saturday morning, I met up with the beautiful Gates girls. We were jammin' to "I Like to Move It -Move it". (I have absolutely zero idea what the real name of the song is.)

These are some of the more formal photos from the shoot. My favorite is the second picture. Aren't they both gorgeous???


I am a blog addict. I love visiting other people's blogs and seeing other photographer's beautiful work. BUT - I'm beginning to see copies of my work on other people's blog sites. Extremely flattering, but I'm not sure I want everyone shooting the way I do...!

So, I am going to change the way I do things a bit and I am going to post small teasers to show one or two of my favorite images from the weekend. Teasers are obviously posted to get everyone excited about seeing the full shoot. In some cases, I might show more - but usually only if there is a story behind it.

Okay, so here goes...(I have lots to post!)



Monday, November 3, 2008

New Hat

This weekend Lee, my brother Pete and his wife Angie went to see my grandpa who has been in the hospital with pneumonia. He's lots better now, but it was pretty scary. (I know, I know... I've had enough of hospitals for 2008. I need a break!) So, while we were there, we thought we would nab up some Bills vs. Jets tickets and got to the game. We met up with my cousins Josh (in the red hat) and Lauren (the blonde).

This week, while in Buffalo NY, I acquired a new accessory that every Buffalo Bills fan should not be without: a fabulous new buffalo hat...

Now I do admit that I look somewhat ridiculous. But it was very warm, if not exactly houte couture.

If any one wants to borrow it, let me know. (ha ha...)