Saturday, September 26, 2009

Cancellation 'excuses'... the best one ever

I know I don't share many personal stories on the blog... not as many as I would like to anyway. But I had to share this story - it just happened.

My clients are wonderful... really. Everyone is very respectful of our time, and I probably get onyl one or two last minute cancellations per year. Really, I am very lucky. But this morning I got one... and it is the best excuse ever. I started grinning when I got the message.

My client this morning had a family portrait session with us. I have never had the pleasure of meeting her or her family. However, they are very active in the community and she sounds like a really cool person.

So this morning I get this message... "Beth, it is 9:01 and we have a 9:30 appointment... um... we are going to need to cancel. I feel terrible... my husband just got this really unique opportunity he could not pass up. He got paged because he is a professional car driver*, and Tom Cruise and his family requested he be there. They want to meet up with all the teens from his movie Red Dawn and go drive go carts*."

(*I tweaked the story slightly to hide what they are actually doing, to protect their privacy... but you get the gist of it.)


Anyway, if anyone ever needs to cancel on account of meeting up with a Hollywood celebrity, I totally understand!


Have a good day!