Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hak Urban Session

A little while ago I met up with the Hak family to do three urban sessions. I was super happy with the results. The girls are gorgeous and the little guy has these cazy cute curls. (Very fun to shoot.)

Here are my favorites from the session... Enjoy!


White Urban Shoot

I have to say Monica (our new graphics person) is way better than we were at dressing up these photos - don't you guys agree? (It's not even comparable...!) I am really excited to see the card samples she is coming up with...!

This little man is a repeat customer, and his mom is the best. She is from the Czech Republic and helped me with tips when I was in Prague. (By the way, I owe you guys those pictures still. Maybe this weekend if I get a chance to do personal pictures. ...That doesn't happen much!?!!)

Well, here are my favorites from the shoot. Enjoy!


VandeVeegaete Little Guy is ONE!

We recently met up with one of our favorite little people... and we celebrated him turning one. My favorite is the tight headshot where his eyes just shine. So precious!




Friday, June 12, 2009

Curran Kids {Mini-Urban Session}

Okay, so you guys have to admit... I have been a machine tonight! ha ha. I think with Monica's help, I'll be able to stay up to date with the blog. But, this will be my last blog for the evening... time to pay attention to the Wings game!

A couple weeks ago, I met the Curran Family for the first time. You never know what it's like to meet up with a family for the first time. Some are grumpy, some are apprehensive... some are silly, and some are well, just as nice as can be.

That was the case with this family. Just the nicest people you could ever could hope to meet. And boy are they ever great to photograph! I really like the closeup head shots. Here are some of my favorites from the session...



PS: Time to pay attention... Go wings!

VandeVeegaete {Urban Mini Session}

So Mom VandeVeegaete is very dear friend of mine... and I am always excited to take pictures of her kids. Buuuuuut, when she showed up with her oldest in this darling outfit, I about did a backflip. (I actually did literally jump up and down...) Isn't he so cute???

I hate to say it, but a lot of the time outfits make or break a portrait. When someone has taken the time to think through the outfit and asks for advice, like mom did here, their return is almost always huge.

I'm not exactly sure what Monica did with the second image (???) but maybe she was in an artsy noise mood? Anyway, I am going to post the image. You guys get the gist of it. Gangsta!




Beylerian Twins {Urban Mini Session}

The Beylerian twins recently came to visit me. This time, instead of in the studio, we did an outdoor session and the kids loved it. Moreover, DAD loved it! Dad generally thinks of picture day about the same way he thinks of a dental visit for a root canal... but even he was smiling during the shoot! All in all, we had a nice relaxing time climbing and jumping, and laughing. I think even Dad would sign up for that kind of low key session again! ;)

Here are some of my favorites from the session... Enjoy!


PS: I love love love that last picture... her hair is just awesome...!

Ugorowski Family {Family Studio Session}

Of all the infant/family pictures I have ever taken in the studio, I do believe these are among my favorite. The girls were so sweet and gentle with their new little brother. Mom was there to help, but the oldest girl had it under control. She took care to make sure her brother was secure in her arms. It was one of those moments that reminds me how much I love what I do.

What other profession allows you to see all this precious behind the scenes stuff?

Here are some of my favorites from the session... I hope you enjoy looking at these as much as I do!


Minewiser Family {Outdoor Family Session}

I have had the honor of photographing the Minewiser Family for years. The little guy has turned into a little man. I remember when he first walked into my studio, he was so tiny and sooo cute. He is still darling, but now his personality comes shining through - and he is hilarious.I got everything from pouting pictures to running pictures. So funny.

However, it's his older sister that amazed me. She has turned into such a beautiful girl. Tall and graceful - she is a photographer's dream.

Dad had just graduated from Oakland University with his MBA (congratulations!) So for part of the shoot we did cap and gown pictures... some with the kids wearing the cap. ;)

Here are my favorites from the session... Enjoy!


The Manter Family {Outdoor Family Session}

As a photographer, sometimes you just *know* when a shoot is going well. Although I would never tell you guys this, sometimes during our sessions I have everything I need within fifteen minutes. Those are the best shoots - because then the stuff we get during the rest of the session is just gravy.

This was the case with this family. Their ability to just relax and be themselves during the session was not only wonderful for pictures -- but wonderfully fun to be around!

Here are my favorites from the session... Enjoy!


PS: Okay, by now you can probably see that Monica is awesome at this...! (So much better than I am!!)

The Campbell Family {Outdoor Family Session}

So, I have to be honest... this wasn't completely an outdoor shoot... This started out as an in studio shoot, then moved to a backyard shoot, then to a studio shoot again.

I've done a lot of work with Aindrea recently, and she is great to work with. She's one of those people that actually knows what she wants and prepares accordingly. I love that about her...!

These shots are precious and show you how very tight their family is. (Love it!)

Here are two of my favorites... Enjoy!


Little Miss Black {Bebe Studio Session}

I am SUPER happy to report that I've hired a Graphics person. Her name is Monica, and she is fabulous! I cannot wait to show you guys what we have been up to. I made the blog wider, the pictures larger, and the pictures fancier. I am getting so I am finally happy with it!

Monica will be creating custom announcements, invitations and Holiday cards for all customers now. In addition, she is also helping to make our blog look a bit more spiffy.

All that said, we have been playing a lot of catch up here and we have lots to post to the blog. So without further ado, I introduce you to little Miss. Black...

I have to say of all shoots we have had in four years, this is the first one where we had an accident in the studio. She fell off a stool and hurt herself. Now while she was fine, (she was smiling within about three minutes of falling), the photographer was not. I was so upset I couldn't stop shaking! So, we now have some new policies and safety features to make sure it never happens again. (Thank God there is a lot of light in the studio. I was literally shaking. Had we had a darker shoot with less light, I think all my pictures would have been blurry!)

Here are my favorites from the shoot -- you might remember the hat. It's a client favorite!