Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Cutest Expressions

On Saturday, I met a wonderful family for the first time. The parents were so laid back and really let me have some creative freedom. (Which I always appreciate!)

I usually don’t post storyboards to the blog, but when I saw this series of pictures, I couldn’t resist. This little boy had so many expressions – and I had so much fun capturing them.

Here are my favorites from Saturday’s session.



(PS: I am working on the website... ! It's coming, I promise!!)

Monday, January 14, 2008

Website Promotion (Coming soon!)

As a way to celebrate the upcoming new website, I have thought it would be fun to offer a free 8x10 to any family who I post a picture of on my new website. ( per family please!) The free picture must be one of the ones posted on (the new), and the best news is that you can order it directly from my new site!

I literally have thousands of pictures to go through, and so if I don't pick yours it probably means that someone with a name first in the alphabet filled the category first. (Adams, you're lookin' good... Schueler, not so much! hee hee.) No seriously, it will be quite random - so please don't be at all offended.

I just thought this might be a little fun event to get the season going...

Okay... now I've really gotta' get goin' on this new website!!!

Have a good night!


New Website...!

My good friend, and extremely talented photographer, Heather Rogers recently contacted me... Long story short, I was green with envy when I saw her new beautiful website. (For some reason, now that she moved to Ohio, I think I'm in touch more now than the last two years... funny how that works.) But anyway...

I had long been thinking about switching websites with a company that is the sponsor of one of the conventions I am attending at the end of February... and I checked out their website and they were having a sale - so, Beth Merritt Photography, who was scheduled to get a new website in late March, will have one very shortly. All thanks to my talented, (and Internet savvy!), friend Heather. (Thank you!)

So, the online hosting site (that most of you guys can't even pronounce anyway) will soon be gone. I will be doing all general ordering and hosting directly from my website. Ahhh the KISS principle... you gotta' love it. And I doubt any of you will miss their constant e-mail marketing that I cannot control. No more junk e-mails. I promise.

But I have quite a bit of work to do... so I should scoot!

Have a wonderful evening...


Sunday, January 6, 2008

Crazy Weather in Detroit!

This afternoon, I went out to Goodrich for a family shoot. It was extremely foggy up there. The shoot was a ton of fun, and we got some great shots. (Note: You will not be seeing them though! Alas, the client is a high-profile, easily recognizable person, thus this gallery will be hidden...)


you will see the result of me blindly driving in search of the perfect 'fog' shot for about two hours down random dirt roads. We don't often get fog, and never like this, so when I had the opportunity to take some landscape shots, I seized it! Here are some of my favorites...