Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Follow-up: Sacramento, CA

Hi guys!

I am a horrible blogger. I left all of you guys hanging for multiple days, and I don't even have the memory card that I need to show you the pictures from Sacarmento. (I gave it to someone at the workshop and I need to get it back.)

Well, I did not go bungee jumping... BUT... I did rent a limo for my friend Gina and I to go through Napa Valley. Believe it or not, we researched all the options, and that was the most cost-effective way to travel. Can you believe that? A limo - for two people! Gina and I kept laughing because we are actually very normal, down to earth people and that was a little - well a lot - over the top. But it was a ton of fun. It will be something we talk about when we are 85 sitting in our rocking chairs.

However the whole point of being there was actually NOT to go to Napa... it was to learn a couple new photography tricks. I have attached some pictures below.

As a side note, look for some details about high school seniors soon. Once the weather is warmer, I will be accepting a limited number of High School Juniors to get their pictures taken at a significant discount. I need to increase my portfolio. I have older images, but now that I have new tricks, I don't like the old images as much! (I know... I am picky!)

Here are my favorites from the workshop...



Beth Merritt is a photographer based in Troy, MI. She specializes in photographing infants, children and families and high school seniors. She reguarly shoots families throughout the Birmingham, Bloomfield, Rochester and Troy areas.


Darren Cook said...

That's me and my daughter Sophia walking the tracks in the first photo. You also have a picture of her in the blue crochet beanie.

Both great shots! This was her first modeling shoot and she loved it(rain and all). Thanks to all of you for making it such a fun and positive experience.

Darren Cook

Kari Dawson Photography said...

Oh my word Beth! They are stunning! I can't beleive you went to the Brianna Graham workshop! I'm so jealous! I'm glad you and Gina had a chance to hang out too, how fun. I can't wait to see more!