Sunday, March 15, 2009

Brian, Ben, Barbara, Bambi...????

It always makes me laugh when people meet me and exclaim... "oh YOU are B. Merritt!" I seriously think it is hilarious. BUT, probably not so great for business. So, I have added an 'eth' in my logo and a little design element to jazz it up. At least folks will now know my name isn't Bobby!

One of the good things about not being allowed to walk for a week is the amount of computer work you get done! Like everyone, I have a to do list a mile long:

  • Change logo so people realize my name is not Beatrice Merritt
  • Update blog so that people can sign up for the blog updates more easily (see top right of this blog)
  • Addition of a senior website (with cool French music that I looked for forever...)

I have never advertised for High School Senior pictures - in fact every Senior client I've shot has asked me if I'd even consider doing them. Well, the answer is most definitely YES! I really enjoy high school seniors portrait sessions - it gives me a chance to integrate fashion with what I normally do. My clients generally leave the session with a smile on their face - feeling like the most beautful person in the world.

I will be offering sepecials over the next few weeks on Senior Portraiture. My hope is to boost my portfolio a bit more. (Plus, it's just plain fun to take these kinds of pictures!) For more information on the special we are running, e-mail us at

Off to the doctor's tomorrow. I cannot tell you how much I am hoping he says "okay to walk!" We'll see...!

Have a great day!