Monday, August 31, 2009

Blog Update (....a big one!)

Okay, I admit it. I have been slacking when it comes to the blog! But I am finally going to get cross that one item off my to do list: “Blog update”. The problem: it’s going to be huge...!

For all of you out there on Facebook, please go ahead and tag me! I will happily send you some pictures for your Facebook pages. I usually try to post images for my clients’ Facebook pages when I can.

So…. What have I been up to, you ask? Well, here are some of my favorites… and definitely some more to come soon!


A baby shoot waring special duds. Isn't this guy adorable???

This is a pose made popular by a photographer in Colorado... with dad being a huge Tiger's fan, I thought I would try it. I was really happy with the results...

The last half day wedding I did... at the beautiful Meadowbrook Mansion. Isn't she gorgeous?

One of my closest friends had an idea to go and shoot on the railroad. I was really happy with the outcome...

I think this one is hilarious...

A shot at sunset with three cousins... I love this shot.

Three brothers. I have been photographing these guys for a while now. The oldest boy is such a gentleman... not to mention a great brother!

This was part of a family shoot -- and they decided to bring the old car. Love it!

Ahhh... my college roommate and one of my best friends in the world... .....Isn't her little baby cute?

An Engagement session just before sunset. I love this moment...

A walk through the woods....

A blondie with a bunch of flowers. Mom brought the flowers, and I love the sunflower up against her blue dress. She was such a wonderful little lady to photograph.

I love this image!

A photo from a session earlier this summer. He brought his golf gear and started jumping when he teed off. Hilarious.'s kind of like how I golf....!

A super fun family session earlier this year...

A tender moment with mother and daughter...

A senior shoot... Isn't she beautiful?

A SUPER fun family shoot... These guys were a blast!

Another senior shoot. She has amazing eyes...

And last... but not least... my friends Courtney & Jason. This is an excerpt from their album. I have to admit that I didn't blog about it because I was afraid about getting more wedding inquiries. However, I'm now completely done with weddings, and I am happy to say that this will be my last full wedding for a long long time. (Yes, I shot a ceremony for two other couples, but I didn't do the entire wedding...)
So, this is it -- and what a great way to leave the whole wedding scene. These two are wonderful. I can't wait until I get to shoot their kids! ;)

Doesn't she have killer eyes?? Love 'em!

Well, that's it! Sorry my updates are sooo late!
I still owe you a couple more... I'm working on them, I promise!
Have a wonderful evening!!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Slower Responses for next 48 hours (E-mail/Voicemail)

Hi guys!

I am in the process of transitioning e-mail and voicemail to a new system over the next 48 hours. We expect the transition to be complete tonight, but I just wanted to warn everyone in the interim. Right now, e-mail and voicemails are going to four different places (all of which we can - and will - check!) Normally, I am able to handle urgent issues on my Blackberry, however even that is down for the next 48 hours. If we take a little bit to get back to you, please bear with us. We are moving to a system that will allow us to move faster and respond to e-mails and voicemials much quicker in the future.

Thank you for your patience!


Monday, August 3, 2009

WDIV Channel 4 - Vote for the Best {Portrait Photographer}

Today I had this e-mail come through... "Your business has been nominated for 4 The Best". I was very interested...!

I then realized that someone had signed us up for this contest through television station Channel 4 - WDIV. I have known about the 'best wedding photographer' category for some time, but I don't really do weddings... (yada, yada)... and so I never signed up. But, I guess one of you guys has signed us up for the "Best Portrait Photographer". (This person even added some verbiage from our website, some images and our website...!) I didn't even know the category existed -but I guess it does and now we are officially part of the contest!

Now, I suppose I don't really believe in bribing folks for votes with free stuff, and I'm not really into the whole 'begging for votes' thing either. So, here is what I will do.

If we win, I will do a free all day Saturday (donations only) charity event next spring. Here's the kicker: it will be the charity of choice for whoever signed me up (and I have zero idea who that is.) Charity events are always a great idea -- for everyone. We will ask the person who nominated us to come out of the woodwork at that time... until then, I promise not to ask! (kinda fun, huh?!)

Sooo, here goes... if you would like to vote for "Beth Merritt Photography" as the best portrait photographer in Detroit, you click this link.

Thank you to whoever signed us up. It's truly flattering. It's one thing for someone to say 'I like your work, but quite another to have someone say 'wow, you're the best'!!!!

(Thank you!!!!)