Monday, August 3, 2009

WDIV Channel 4 - Vote for the Best {Portrait Photographer}

Today I had this e-mail come through... "Your business has been nominated for 4 The Best". I was very interested...!

I then realized that someone had signed us up for this contest through television station Channel 4 - WDIV. I have known about the 'best wedding photographer' category for some time, but I don't really do weddings... (yada, yada)... and so I never signed up. But, I guess one of you guys has signed us up for the "Best Portrait Photographer". (This person even added some verbiage from our website, some images and our website...!) I didn't even know the category existed -but I guess it does and now we are officially part of the contest!

Now, I suppose I don't really believe in bribing folks for votes with free stuff, and I'm not really into the whole 'begging for votes' thing either. So, here is what I will do.

If we win, I will do a free all day Saturday (donations only) charity event next spring. Here's the kicker: it will be the charity of choice for whoever signed me up (and I have zero idea who that is.) Charity events are always a great idea -- for everyone. We will ask the person who nominated us to come out of the woodwork at that time... until then, I promise not to ask! (kinda fun, huh?!)

Sooo, here goes... if you would like to vote for "Beth Merritt Photography" as the best portrait photographer in Detroit, you click this link.

Thank you to whoever signed us up. It's truly flattering. It's one thing for someone to say 'I like your work, but quite another to have someone say 'wow, you're the best'!!!!

(Thank you!!!!)


Jess said...

Congratulations on the nomination - you have some nice shots.